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Database Consulting

The UK’s most talented database professionals working across our range of database technologies

Maximise the return from your database investment with a service capability that adds value through the full life cycle

Whether you’re looking to design a new data model for a NoSQL implementation, need a performance health check on your Oracle deployment or require SQL Server consulting services to help with migration to a cloud platform such as Azure, our team are here to support you when you need us most. Our core skill set covers the following technologies:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Couchbase
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL

Performance Tuning

The performance of your database directly impacts the performance of your application and user experience. Our Performance Tuning service highlights any issues in the full technology stack, ensuring the most effective use of infrastructure resources which is key to ensuring Cloud costs don’t spiral out of control.

  • Performance source diagnosis
  • Database configuration vs best practice
  • Query and index structure
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Scaling (vertical/horizontal)
  • Business objectives

Cloud Migration

Migrating existing production databases to the cloud can prove incredibly problematic. Our highly-experienced consultants will plan and execute one of our proven migration methodologies ensuring consistency of data and service performance, whilst minimising downtime and risk.

  • Pre-migration benchmark testing
  • Best practice installation and image build
  • Data migration
  • Scaling & DevOps configuration
  • Security hardening and encryption
  • Multi-cloud disaster recovery
  • EC2 & Azure database specialists

Health Checks

A point-in-time review of your database deployment can be invaluable to ensure that all databases are optimised and problem areas are identified. Typically our consultants will conduct a review of the deployment over 2-3 days before delivering a detailed report with a clear plan of recommendations and areas of improvement.

  • Problem investigation
  • Best practice review
  • Capacity/scaling planning
  • Licencing governance
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Security review


Use one of our experienced database consultants to fully implement and configure your database deployment. This service provides a vendor best practice installation that is tuned to your application and unique business requirements.

  • Database installation
  • Database configuration
  • Database configuration optimisation
  • Security hardening
  • Performance testing
  • Service continuity testing
  • Technical training/hand-off

Database Design

Choosing the right technology and developing a well-designed database model and architecture at the beginning of a project is key to achieving better performance, uptime, scalability, simplified queries and optimisation of the infrastructure deployment for your application. Typically delivered through on-site workshops our core modules include:

  • Technology Options Review
  • Database/Schema Modelling
  • Database Architecture



Our consultants are available to deliver on-site or classroom-based courses to complement a range of vendor accreditation tracks. Sessions are available 1:1 or up to 10 delegates. Choose from our standard courses or opt for a bespoke training session delivered using your own development systems.

  • Database Administration (intro)
  • Database Administration (advanced)
  • Oracle 12c: New Features
  • SQL Server 2012: New Features
  • Introduction to NoSQL
  • Performance Tuning

Do you have a bespoke consulting requirement and need a fixed price? Here’s how we work…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum commitment?

We offer consulting services from just a single day project to longer term contracts.

Do you offer a fixed price?

We are happy to qualify any consulting work and agree to a contract that sets a fixed price. Typically as part of this agreement we will detail any customer dependencies as part of our offer.

Do you work at weekends and out of hours?

Absolutely, we appreciate that any production service impacting work is expected to be delivered within our clients maintenance windows to minimise operational risk.

Are your consultants SC Cleared?

Yes, we have SC Clearance.

Do you offer discounted rates for longer term projects?

Typically we offer a scale of day rates which provide increased discounts for longer terms projects.

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