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DevOps Services

Empowering our customers to improve delivery & operations through Enterprise DevOps Services.

N4Stack & DevOps

DevOps is our mindset, our culture, our approach. The core pillars of DevOps (Culture, Automation, Measurement & Sharing) are the essence of how we work with customers. We don’t have a shiny “DevOps” product, but what we do is focus on the technologies and best practices that provide our customers with a lean development approach. Our DevOps services offer enablement through application modernisation, aggressive automation and if you choose N4Stack as your operations partner our SRE team will provide a managed service model aligned to developers needs.

Why does DevOps matter?

A proven lean approach to development with demonstrable results

Lower change failure rate

Faster from commit to deploy

More frequent deployments


More time spent on new features and code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

With the majority of new application deployments now resident in the public cloud, customers are now abstracted away from physical hardware with infrastructure and platform components being presented as software. The management and change of software has a mature and well-trodden approach, however many customers still manage cloud environments in a traditional “physical” way. Our management approach for cloud infrastructure management (inc databases) is to follow software principles, with full representation in version control and the use of end-to-end CI/CD pipelines to manage change. This heavily automated approach provides increased governance through audit and automated testing and provides a foundation for self-healing architectures.

Managed DevOps Tool Kit

The explosion of Open Source and Commercial tooling to enable DevOps aligned approaches has created huge inconsistency and risks within organisations. Also recruiting experienced staff with a DevOps services background is difficult and expensive, when you find someone they may have specific skills or preferences for different technologies. Our Managed DevOps tool kit provides a consistent and managed approach for our customers to leverage the right tools to use across the organisation. Standardising on proven, best practice technologies such as Git, Ansible and Jenkins we provide a fully managed toolkit that has full commercial support for 24×7 peace of mind.

DevOps Consultancy

Our experienced consulting team are able to assist with a range of services from a DevOps Readiness Review to the implementation of complex technology stacks. We are here as the specialists in cloud infrastructure and data platforms to help development teams release faster, consistently and remove the headache of infrastructure automation and best practices. Working around the needs of the application our experienced consultants add real value working across multiple projects, sharing knowledge and ensuring the right measures are in place to ensure success. Read More.

N4{Carbon} –¬†Kubernetes as a Service

N4{Carbon} is our managed Kubernetes service that operates across multiple platforms. With a large number of customers running hybrid environments, many cloud native container solutions offer integration with other platforms but don’t provide continuation of the management. This highly-scalable Kubernetes as a Service is designed to allow developers to run container-based applications and scale as needed. The service is currently in preview and is due for release later this year. Read More.

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