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MySQL Managed Services

Database consulting experts with experience on Europe’s largest production MySQL environments.

Experienced MySQL Consultants


The N4Stack MySQL team has extensive experience implementing, optimising and managing MySQL environments. Our expertise spans across some of Europe’s largest production MySQL environments running critical business applications.

Often our MySQL DBA team will be closely knitted to the customer’s development team to ensure code releases are fully optimised and fit for purpose coupled with ensuring ongoing operational database performance. Ultimately, we enable our customers to focus on the important business generative activities whilst we make sure systems are available and performant.


The Database Administrator (DBA) services have been exceptional and you’ve delivered more than we could have expected – our confidence in the technology is at an all-time high.


Senior Developer, Leading Online Gaming Platform

  • 24*7 Oracle Managed Service: 30 min SLA around the clock
  • EngineDB: Monitoring, alerting and proactive optimisation for MySQL
  • Back-up and Recovery:Improving recovery times and resilience
  • Consolidation: Reducing overheads and increasing efficiency
  • Patch Management & Upgrades: Proactive advice on what should and shouldn’t be implemented
  • Outcome Based SLAs: Complete Managed Service assurance
  • Database Design: Packaged design services
  • Security Credentials: Fully ISO:27001 accredited and SC cleared DBAs
  • Migration to the cloud: Azure and AWS migration planning and delivery

N4{Rethink} is designed to deliver clients the very best independent strategic advice and guidance around their current database investment and strategy.

  • Database Discovery: Addressing database sprawl
  • Licence Optimisation: Lowering licensing costs
  • Consolidation: Increasing data sharing and reducing overheads
  • Re-Platforming: NoSQL & cloud migration guidance
  • Database Assurance: Best practice configuration review
  • Operational Audit: Recommendations & improvement planning

Case study

Due to the nature of the PD Ports business, there are many business-critical applications that must be operational on a true 24*7 basis and as such, the database environments are designed with optimal high availability in mind.

Whilst employing a highly skilled internal technical team, PD Ports recognised that it needed DBA experts on a continuous basis to ensure ongoing environment optimisation and to allow the internal technical team to focus on the business-specific application work.

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