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DevOps Consultancy

Engage with experienced DevOps consultants to drive transformation in your business.


The use of containers supports developer agility by providing fully contained environments in seconds. Working with Docker and Kubernetes, our industry leading team of consultants will help you to assess and maximise the potential of container technologies.


The adoption of automation is one of the cornerstones of digital transformation. Automating mundane and repeatable tasks with Ansible and Puppet can radically increase velocity and reduce human error.

CI/CD Pipelines

The DevOps consultancy team has a wealth of experience in working with customers to improve the full development lifecycle. Our consultants will work closely with software teams to improve the quality of code, reduce costs and accelerate the time to market.


Architecture modernisation through the use of microservices enables organisations to evolve from a monolithic architecture, shackled with dependencies. Our architects work closely with customers to help leverage the benefits of using microservices.

Core DevOps Consultancy Services


Find out how N4Stack’s DevOps Consultancy Services can help you take the next step


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N4Stack Blueprints is an innovative service that builds on our mature library of automation scripts to create infrastructure as code. Utilising third party technologies such as Ansible, Puppet and Chef to ensure cloud portability our automation consultants will create blueprints that capture key business processes such as scaling, provisioning, testing or disaster recovery that can be invoked on demand. The blueprints library already contains popular best practice automation tasks such as scaling an EC2 web tier, which means that customers save considerable development time by working with us to simply customise a blueprint to fit their requirement.


N4Stack Pipelines is our end-to-end service which takes customers through the process of implementing continuous delivery. Working with automation and CD tools, such as Jenkins, our experienced consultants will engage with your development to build an automated framework allowing for a robust and repeatable software delivery flow.

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With most organisations already having an initial cloud footprint the challenge of migrating more complex workloads and addressing architecture across multiple cloud platforms is a growing requirement. N4Stack operate a centralised cloud migration team that leverages resources across our Database, DevOps, Infrastructure, Network and Security expertise to provide an all encompassing service to help customers with the more complex and challenging cloud migration projects.


Having DevOps skills and capability in-house is typically how customers get started by building new technology stacks and processes to meet emerging requirements. When the business is ready to move this into a production state, N4Stack is able to provide a production readiness audit which will provide a thorough best practice review and highlight any required remediation.The N4Stack DevOps Consultancy practice contains a number of highly-experienced practitioners that are published authors and specialists in their field.

Devops Consultancy
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