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Couchbase Services

Production DBA services for your Couchbase environment

Couchbase Managed Services


As a Couchbase partner, we’ve developed our services to wrap around the business critical support, experience and tools to help you build high performance, readily available applications with enterprise NoSQL.

Couchbase is a leading NoSQL vendor undergoing rapid adoption as organisations strive to meet the needs of highly scalable and “always on” critical environments. By providing a combination of a highly resilient cache and a flexible KV/Document NoSQL database, Couchbase sits at the heart of the most demanding, critical web environments to provide sub millisecond performance to users.


With N4Stack’s Azure Service Tiles we have adopted a modern DevOps approach in Microsoft Azure whilst being able to launch and go to market with a new application. Our key goals for our project are to accelerate and modernise our operations in Azure, whilst ensuring that we sustain high levels of governance and mission critical service availability.

The N4Stack team have supported us through the whole adoption process and we are able to rely on the team for the critical support of the platform.

With Azure Service Tiles, we value the expertise across the Azure, DevOps and Data teams and the continual focus on governance improvement to ensure we retain control whilst optimising the platform.

Andrew Sedcole

CEO, Whitespace Software

N4Stack are one of the few specialist Couchbase service partners in the UK. Our DBA’s work closely with your team to handle in life changes, maintenance tasks and performance tuning, monitoring the deployment 24×7. N4Stack also offer a range of consulting services to assist you throughout the full lifecycle, including sizing and providing POC environments. Our skills cover:


  • Couchbase Server 3.x, 4.x & 5.x
  • Couchbase Mobile Sync
  • XDCR
  • Rack Zone Awareness
  • Memory Optimisation
  • Rebalancing & Cluster Management
  • Backup & Maintenance
  • Couchbase Server 3.x, 4.x & 5. & 6x
  • Azure deployment and Managed Service
  • Production Support: A 24x7x365 DBA team looking after your Couchbase deployment
  • Couchbase DBaaS: An enterprise grade Couchbase database as a service (DBaaS) available on AWS
  • Performance Tuning: Ensuring performance remains optimal (esp. RAM Tuning)
  • Real Time Monitoring: Our service overlay will be tuned for your environment
  • Healthcheck: A best practice point in time review of the Couchbase configuration
  • Database Design: Ensure the project gets the best possible start with our design & transition service
  • Proof of Concept: A jumpstart package to design and provide a ready to POC environment
  • Supported Versions: Supporting from Couchbase 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 6.x

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