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Azure Innovation Services

Providing expert consulting for customers who wish to modernise an application using Azure native services without having to make a wholesale redevelopment to the application.

Don’t build on Azure, build for Azure


Migrating and modernising applications to leverage Azure native services requires a number of different skills and extensive experience.

Understanding how to create best practice approaches and solutions for handling micro-services and replacing legacy components with Azure services will require the experience of a partner who has been through the process before and works closely with Microsoft to apply best practices.

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A best practice approach to cloud modernisation


Our modernisation services are driven by a team of experts across Infrastructure, DevOps, Security and Data. When it comes to the modernisation of applications our Innovation Services are designed to address the following approaches:

Envisioning Workshop


Our innovation projects start with an initial envisioning workshop to gain a greater understanding of the “Art of the Possible” in Azure by delivering a proof of concept environment, where the development and application teams can test and iterate the modernised application stack.

The following areas are discussed in our envisioning workshops:

Application Walkthrough

We will require a guided walkthrough of your application components. This is an open forum where our Azure Engineering team will explore dependencies, features and options to gain an understanding of how malleable the application is.

Innovation Goals

After we have established an overview of the application the group will explore the key goals for the project which typically focus on areas such as scalability, ease of administration, availability, security, cost and current limitations.

Solution Options

We will offer innovation suggestions and a range of possible options for modernisation in Azure before moving on to the pros and cons, commenting on the development overhead to make the necessary adjustments to the operation of the application.

Innovation Phasing

There will be several short term, plus longer term aspirational options for the modernisation of the application, therefore, it’s necessary to agree what the initial iteration should look like and how this can then be developed to include further modernisation.

POC Solution Design

Once the initial modernisation work and approach has been agreed, we will then produce a costed solution design for the Proof of Concept environment.

Data Platform Modernisation

The N4Stack specialist data team bring significant experience to help you modernise your data platforms and unlocking new potential for the data they hold. Our team of DBA’s can provide a range of services to drive modernisation, common ones include:
  • Migration of SQL Server to Azure SQL
  • Migration of Oracle databases into Azure
  • Migration of MySQL to Azure SQL
  • Migration of MongoDB to Cosmos DB
  • Enterprise deployment of Couchbase
  • Optimisation of Cosmos DB
  • Modernisation of SSIS and ETL processes
  • Data Warehouse design and data modelling
  • Performance Tuning
  • Datawarehouse / Data Lake modernisation with Databricks

Innovation Squad – Supporting the POC


The Innovation Squad is a team of multi-skilled Azure Engineers assigned to support the customer in the building of a Proof of Concept environment. We will provision the Azure services to meet the design scope and it will then be an iterative effort working with the customers development team to help support refactoring requirement and identity issues and opportunities. You will be assigned an amount of resource in man days to align with your delivery cycle and support the POC build.


Container Workshops

We have a long history of working with OpenSource technologies and our team boasts some of the UK’s leading authorities on Kubernetes. Our Container Workshop has been designed for development teams to get hands on experience with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) through guided tutorials and challenges.

We find that a one- or two-day workshop can provide customers development teams with a vital understanding of operating within a containerised environment and open up new ideas and opportunities for modernisation.

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