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Database Consultant

Kate mainly works with Oracle databases and products, but dabbles in MySQL and SQL Server when the need arises. She spends a lot of her time researching and testing new solutions to see how they could benefit our projects, often testing to destruction!

Kate particularly enjoys performance tuning, anything that allows her to get right down deep into the workings of the database is what keeps her happy. She also enjoys a crisis every now and then. Nothing beats being a hero…

Previous roles included being an Army Officer, a Special Police Constable and a Sales Guru for Apple (and working in a chip shop but the least said about that the better)

Oracle on Windows: DLL missing errors

Recently I encountered a DLL issue when trying to log in to Oracle on Windows. It's an issue i've not encountered before and it took a little while to figure out so I thought i'd share my solution with you below... THE SCENARIO You log in, set your...

Migrating Oracle Data to Amazon RDS with GoldenGate

The migration of databases to cloud has increased rapidly in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. Moving your capital expenditure (CapEx) costs into operational expenditure (OpEx) budgets offers greater flexibility and lower risk but there’s still a major...

Oracle 12c on Windows Install Issues for a Danish client

Recently I’ve had to install Oracle 12C on Windows Server 2012 for a client. Normally this wouldn’t be blog-worthy but this time the installation threw up several headaches that I’ve not encountered before, and one I had and should have known better!...

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