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Recently I encountered a DLL issue when trying to log in to Oracle on Windows. It’s an issue i’ve not encountered before and it took a little while to figure out so I thought i’d share my solution with you below…


You log in, set your ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME and then try to run SQLPLUS. What you get is this:

DLL issues_Oracle on Windows

What’s going on here then? The file exists in the ORACLE_HOME as expected but yet it can’t seem to find said file.

Simple solution here… your PATH variable is pointing at an incorrect ORACLE_HOME. The likely cause of this is that you are running more than one Oracle DB on the box with different homes and the PATH hasn’t been updated with the new ORACLE_HOME. This results in a binary mismatch between the ORACLE_HOME and SQLPLUS.


Either run SQLPLUS using the full ORACLE_HOME path like:


Or, change the PATH and put ORACLE_HOME at the start.

Hopefully you haven’t encountered this DLL missing error when working with Oracle on Windows but, if you have, I hope this helped!

Kate Gawron

Kate Gawron

Database Consultant

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