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Azure DevOps Multi-Stage Pipelines

by Apr 27, 2021

As I move into using Azure DevOps more and more, there is one thing which I really haven’t got on with and that is release pipelines. I didn’t like that I couldn’t easily define it as YAML like I could with build pipelines, even though I don’t like them, there are a few things I do like — like approval gates.



Luckily, there are ways to get around this — the most simple way is to add an Environment and then add an Approval. Adding an Environment is simple enough, just click on Environment in your Pipeline and then add one with None selected under Resource;

Adding an environment {Source: MediaGlasses}


Once you have added the Environment you can then add an approval check, to do this click on the Environment you have just created and click on the three dots in the top right-hand side of the page. From the menu select Approvals and checks;

Adding an approval {Source: MediaGlasses}


Now we have an Environment and the Approval in place we can move onto the Pipeline.



Now that we have a container registry to push our image to we can build and the push the container, this is the stage where we will be getting approval before building;

A full copy of the azure-pipelines.yml file can be found in the following repo https://github.com/russmckendrick/docker-python-web-app.


Running the Pipeline

Now that we know what the pipeline looks like this what happened when it executed for the first time, first off, you (or whoever your approver is) will get an email;

The approval email {Source: MediaGlasses}


The full pipeline run {Source: MediaGlasses
A second pipeline run {Source: MediaGlasses}


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