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Cloud Migration Services & Enablement

Jump start your journey to the cloud.


N4{Ignition} is our 4-step methodology to accelerate enterprise cloud adoption. Our portfolio of cloud migration services designed based on our 10+ years of experience enabling customers to maximise the value from Azure & AWS with a proven transition model.


Defining the business case, governance and operational model.


Finalisation of the architecture design and building the landing pad for the cloud migration.


The migration of workloads and data into the cloud and operational readiness.


A continual improvement cycle to modernise application stacks through the use of cloud native services and approaches.


N4{Ignition} is a proven methodology that shortcuts your time to deliver on transformation projects.


N4{Ignition} applies cloud best practices and assists in defining a robust security and operational model.


N4{Ignition} provides a number of workshops and DevOps engagements to accelerate the pace of innovation.

Drive strategy and define the approach

Bringing the teams together in interactive workshops is a key part of the process to establish organisational requirements and aspirations that need achieving from the enablement process. These workshops and engagements will help to drive operational and governance models, that in turn result in the high level solution designs. N4Stack will undertake a sizing exercise on the source environment to understand the current application workloads and their performance profiles, accurately identifying the optimal cloud configuration and commercial approach. The outcome of this stage is typically an agreed low level design, a high level project plan and an agreed commercial business plan.

Build the foundations for success

Once the strategy has been agreed, the next stage is to establish a secure cloud environment as the new platform and target for service migration. Key considerations in the build are the implementation of the network and security design in line with best practices, which will likely include private connectivity, firewalling and granular access control. There will also be a mixture of green field templates built to agreed gold standards and the deployment of operational systems such as monitoring, bastion hosts and log management. A popular choice at this phase is a focus on automating test environments, triggered on demand as a quick win to save costs. The environment will then be tested and validated for the migration phase.

Execute a seamless transition to the cloud

Under the leadership of the Project Manager and Cloud Architect, N4Stack Cloud Migration Services will provide a team of skilled engineers covering Network, Security, Cloud Infrastructure, Data and DevOps that are available 24×7 to ensure a seamless transition. Applications and key business functions are assigned move groups and typically are subject to a “dry run” migration methodology to ensure any issues are mitigated before the final move. N4Stack use a range of tools and techniques that are capable of handling complex migrations. Each application will be on-boarded into a live support status to ensure no gaps in operational support during, or after, the move.

Accelerate the pace of innovation

The most important stage, as the journey has just begun. The main driver for organisations migrating into the public cloud is typically to capitalise on the vast array of services and new functionality that is released on a continual basis. The N4Stack Cloud Migration Services team work closely with our customers to harness the API capability by building CI/CD pipelines for the infrastructure and data platforms. This Infrastructure as Code model frees up operational time to focus on application reliability and creating new functionality. From AI and Cognitive services, to Containers and Serverless, cloud platforms provide the tools to really enable the digital transformation of businesses.

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