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Cloud Billing & Cost Optimisation

Take control of managing your cloud billing with N4{Foundation}.


N4{Foundation} can be used as a core service to complement our Managed Operations services or on a standalone basis for customers who want to retain hands-on capability for the configuration and management of the platform but require a cost management solution.

Why do customers choose N4{Foundation}?


Stop using cards

Simplify your cloud infrastructure bill into one monthly invoice and get rid of un-monitored credit card usage.


Stronger governance

Visibility across all cloud user accounts enables protection for state and activity monitoring to track spend across projects and departments.


Reduce costs

N4{Foundation} provides insights on resources that are oversized, allowing right-sizing to provide cost efficiencies.


Greater insight

Dive deeper into the data to manage cost allocation, spend optimisation, invoicing and chargebacks.

The difference between N4{Foundation} & Managed Operations

Managed Operations

24x7 Managed Cloud Services
For customers needing a Managed Cloud Partner
  • N4{Foundation} Features
  • SysOps (Managed System Operations)
  • SecOps (Managed Security Operations)
  • DevOps (Automated Operations)
  • DataOps (Managed Data Operations)
  • Service Management

Support for the Cloud Control Panel

Our experts will be on hand to offer guidance around operating the cloud platform, billing and to answer questions and concerns around the control panel management tools. In the event of issues with the control panel or wide-scale platform problems we will assist in the escalation of tickets with the platform operator.

Achieve Cloud Billing Nirvana

Cloud adoption typically starts with a person or team playing around with the functionality on a small scale to investigate the opportunities. The billing of this conceptual work is normally enabled by use of a departmental credit card. For larger organizations this “shadow IT” approach can be happening across multiple teams. Over time, projects scale up and companies are left with disjointed and escalating billing issues with little control or visibility. N4{Foundation} provides a unified view of all billing under one invoice that can be represented to provide breakdowns across projects or departments. This increased level of governance provides clear visibility of cloud usage and the opportunities for reduced spending.

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