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We are very excited to announce a strategic investment by Node4 in Onomi to accelerate growth and service innovation. Building on a long-standing partnership, this investment will bring new database-as-a-service capability to Node4 customers and also enable the Onomi team to invest in the development of their service proposition.

This investment is mutually beneficial in providing Node4 customers with a range of tightly integrated database services that are platform agnostic and Onomi customers with access to new DevOps and Security skills, providing increased platform automation and governance on AWS & Azure.

Operating in similar markets, both companies have seen increasing demand for specialist skills above the infrastructure level particularly, expertise in database management. Demand has been growing as customers are increasingly turning to partners for strategic guidance on new technologies and greater outsourcing. In the midmarket especially, the appetite for technology transformation in key areas such new Database technologies, Containers, Automation and Microservices is prevalent. However, customers are relying heavily on partners to compete with larger enterprises as they struggle to attract, fund and sustain these skills in-house.

In short, the market is now at a place whereby Cloud adoption has matured and has reached the point whereby customers are asking how they make the most of the platform and how they can transform services above the infrastructure level. In addition they are looking for assistance to migrate more complex, legacy database workloads to the cloud.

This agreement is recognition of the market being at a tipping point whereby customers have made the move to a Cloud platform, their confidence and appetite for change is sky high. It’s a brave new world where organisations are sitting in an environment that’s full of API’s, opportunity and technology at their fingertips. They have legacy technologies such as Oracle stuck in a hybrid environment and frankly they just want to capitalise on their position by automating the platform and outsourcing further up the stack.

In the short term, this agreement will provide a cross-pollination of capability that gives immediate access for customers of both companies to key skills sets. In turn, strengthening Node4’s Managed Service capability by providing its customers with increased value across not only their own platform but also AWS & Azure.

As we look forward, the combination of Onomi’s expertise in Data Technologies and Node4’s in DevOps & Cloud provides the perfect catalyst to transform and disrupt the Managed Services sector. Our aim is to practice what we preach by continuing to modernise our technology stack to take greater advantage of automation and deep learning to drive greater value.

Ultimately the biggest benefit of the transformation will be providing our experienced technical team with greater intelligence around customer systems and giving them more time to engage with customers. The strength of the customer technical relationship is something that is key to success of both companies and we are delighted to make this strategic announcement of Node4’s investment in Onomi as we jointly strive to provide greater value for our clients.

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